Tips for Going Back to Work After a Long Holiday

Returning to work after a long and restful holiday can be difficult; here are some tips to make things easier and less stressful.

1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

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There’s a lot of research that shows how sleep deprivation affects your focus and performance, as well as how it affects your physical health. To ensure that you wake up feeling rested and ready, turn off any screens early, use relaxation strategies that work for you, and go to bed early.

2. Get Organised

Set yourself up for success by straightening up before you start working on anything if your desk is in disorder. Remove any unneeded paper and folder stacks and set them aside for later. Clearing your clutter will free your thoughts, allowing you to manage your time without being distracted by the mess.

3. Make a List of your Goals and Write Them Down

Setting objectives and holding yourself accountable for meeting them is especially crucial when you return to work after the holidays. The quantity and type of goals you establish will be entirely dependent on your work but keep them attainable so you may feel proud of yourself. Make a list of the most important tasks and cross them off as you complete them. Stick on one goal until it is completed – multitasking may appear to be more productive, but it is actually the opposite.

4. Eat Healthily


Resist the urge to work through lunch, no matter how busy you are. Any minor quantity of time saved will be substantially overshadowed by a decline in cognitive capacity. Fill your tank with healthy foods during your breaks throughout the day. Your brain requires the energy that food offers to stay focused and productive. Choose foods that will keep your body and mind working smoothly without energy spikes and slumps.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Your brain requires water to function properly. A 4% decrease in hydration might result in a 50% reduction in productivity. Bring a water bottle to work and place it in a conspicuous location in your office to remind yourself to drink frequently during the day.

6. Plan Breaks

Human minds simply cannot focus for lengthy periods of time without a break. The Pomodoro technique gives a healthy structure for you to focus on the tasks at hand for a long period of time while also allowing your brain to rest and recover for the next session. Work for 25 minutes at a time with a 5-minute break between each work period using this strategy. Give yourself a lengthier rest — 15–30 minutes — after you’ve finished four of these 25-minute sessions to properly replenish your batteries.

7. Reconnect with People Intelligently

Assuming you enjoy your co-workers as much as we do, the first day back can be a lot of fun. You haven’t seen these people in a week or two; everyone has had a great time while away, and it’s lovely to catch up on holiday stories. Make plans to reconnect with the folks you enjoy working with. Simply do it during your planned breaks and remember to be respectful of their time and focus.

8. Check your Work Calendar

Examine your calendar the day before you return to work to avoid being caught off guard by unexpected meetings. If you come into any unexpected surprises, examine them one by one to see if you can attend them with limited preparation. Consider whether they may be pushed back so that you can contribute meaningfully.

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