Top 10 Car Camping Site in Malaysia

Car camping is an excellent way to spend time with friends and family without breaking your budget.

Check out this list of 10 car camping site in Malaysia.

1. Seafarer Restaurant & Campground

Location: The Seafarer Restaurant, Tanjung Kling, Melaka

Contact information: 06-3152693

Entry fee: RM60/vehicle

2. OrangOrang Art Camp

Location: Orang Orang Art Camp, Jalan Parit 3 Timur, Sungai Besar, Selangor

Contact information: 018-2688-003

Entry fee: RM10 (adult); RM5 (children); Free (under 9 years old)

3. Lubuk Petai Campsite

Location: Lubuk Petai Campsite Kg Sahom, Perak

Contact information: 011-3346 2551

Cost of site: RM30

4. Camp Site Riverine Nature Camp

Location: Riverine Nature Camp, Jalan Utama Kampung Belum Baru, Kampung Sumpitan, Lenggong, Perak

Contact information: 019-333 8670

Entry fee: Tuesday – Thursday: RM5 (children); RM10 (adult)
Friday – Sunday: RM10 (children); RM20 (adult)

5. Logok Campsite and Farm

Location: Logok Campsite, 1409, Johor

Contact information: 013-723 4070

Entry fee: RM5/pax (children); RM10/pax (adult)

6. Hikers Paradise

Location: Hikers Paradise, Tanah Rata, Pahang

Contact information: 017-225 6189

Cost of site: RM40/night (depend on size tent and flysheet)

Entry fee: RM5 (7 years above only)

7. AJARR Campsite

Location: AJARR CAMPSITE, Lorong Rawa 17, Kampung Bukit Rawa, Karangan, Kedah

Contact information: 013-440 0464

Cost of Site: RM15 (open site); RM20 (roof site)

8. Teluk Batik Camp Site

Location: Teluk Batik Camp Site, A188, Lumut, Perak

Contact information: 05-6898 800

Cost of site: RM40

9. Sumiran Eco Park & Resort

Location: Sumiran Eco Park & Resort, Jalan Batu Kawa, Rantau Panjang, Kuching, Sarawak

Contact information: 016-445 9678

Entry fee: RM8 (children); RM15 (adult)

10. TWCampstay

Location: TWCampstay, Jalan Pantai Tok Jembal, Kampung Kubang Badak, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu

Contact information: 013-989 8545

Entry fee: RM25/pax

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