Top 10 In-Demand Jobs in the Next 10 Years

Because of technological advancements, some of the most popular skill sets and jobs are becoming obsolete. Many people are starting to think about the future and making career decisions. For Generation X, rapid change is an opportunity to seek out a future-oriented alternative career. No one can predict all of the jobs available to young people in the second half of the 21st century, but here are the top 10 jobs that are likely to be in demand over the next 10 years.

1. Cyber Security Expert

Nobody wants to be a victim of cybercrime, which is why the government is attempting to address the issue by offering apprenticeships to encourage young people to pursue careers in this expanding industry.

2. Robotics Engineer

Engineers of all types are in demand, but those with advanced coding and software skills are in high demand in fields such as biomedical engineering, warehousing and logistics, agricultural technology, and high-tech manufacturing such as driverless vehicles. Engineers are well paid and their skills are in high demand all over the world, so if you enjoy travelling, this could be a good career for you.

3. Nurse

As hospitals continue to face staff shortages, the government has announced nearly 4000 additional university places for nurses. Nursing bursaries have been replaced by tuition, but there are now more routes into the profession, including degree apprenticeships in nursing.

4. Software Developer

Computer programming skills are the most in demand – they are required everywhere! Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, gaming, and other possibilities are all on the horizon.

5. User Experience (UX) Designer

User Experience (UX) is the combination of branding, design, functionality, and usability for websites, apps, and other digital platforms to help make the user’s experience pleasurable and simple. It is a critical area for online retail, education, banking and finance, and a wide range of other digital services.

6. Carpenters

Every year, the construction industry requires thousands of people to fill both manual and non-manual positions. Apprenticeships can help fill gaps in skilled roles such as woodworking, bricklaying, and electrical work.

7. Data Analyst

How do we keep track of the massive amount of digital data about people, their behaviour, and their preferences, and what can it all tell us? Data analysts can assist us in making sense of situations and scenarios by clearly presenting complex data.

8. Surgeons

Surgeons are doctors who diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses. They perform surgery on patients to treat injuries like broken bones, diseases like cancerous tumours, and deformities like cleft palates. For the next ten years, surgeons will beĀ in-demand.

9. Data Scientist

Data scientists are big data wranglers who collect and analyse large amounts of structured and unstructured data. They analyse, process, and model data before interpreting the results to create actionable plans for businesses and other organisations. Data scientists are the most in-demand jobs of the future.

10. Machine Learning

Machine learning is the right career path for you if you’re interested in data, automation, and algorithms. Machine learning is a promising profession in part because its skills are in high demand and short supply. There have even been reports of bidding wars for AI talent as tech titans scramble to secure the industry’s top minds.

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