Top 5 Attractions in Boracay Island, Philippines


This list of the best things to do on Boracay Island encapsulates the reasons why this tiny island is one of the Philippines’ most popular vacation destinations. The main point is that Boracay is a tropical island dream come true: despite its small size of 11 square kilometers, the 17 beaches and coves it hosts are simply breathtaking. It is also part of an archipelago, the Western Visayas Island Group, which provides excellent opportunities for island hopping.

1. Ariel's Point


Ariel’s Point is a day trip destination on the western edge of Buruanga, near the northern tip of Panay Island, about a 40-minute speedboat ride southwest from Boracay. This eco-adventure seaside resort is set in a lush environment and offers thrilling activities. like cliff diving, kayaking, paddleboarding and snorkelling. It’s also a fun place to meet other travelers who are interested in the same types of watersports. Ariel’s Point day trips usually include lunch and drinks.

2. Mount Luho


Mount Luho, at 112 metres, is the highest point on Boracay Island. The two view decks at Mount Luho’s summit are easily accessible via cement staircases. On your way to the summit, you might see birds, monkeys, and a Filipino version of the Tasmanian Devil. The decks offer a panoramic view of Bulabog, Ilig-Iligan, and Lapuz-Lapuz beaches. The decks are privately owned, so admission is PHP 50 and PHP 120, respectively. Mount Luho is located on Boracay’s eastern coast, north of Bulabog Beach.

3. Crocodile Island


Crocodile Island is a small uninhabited island that is a popular stop on island-hopping excursions in Boracay. The island gets its name from its distinctive shape, which resembles a crocodile’s head. The island provides a variety of activities, including the more traditional water-based activities like swimming and snorkelling. It’s probably best known for being an excellent scuba diving location. The island is located off the southern end of Boracay and is about a 20-minute boat ride from White Beach, making it an ideal day trip for locals.

4. Boracay Oceanarium


Boracay Oceanarium is home to the world’s largest pearl as well as the Philippines’ longest underwater tunnel. It is one of Boracay’s top attractions for kids and is located in the basement of the Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center. It is open to both hotel guests and non-guests. Non-guests must pay 600 pesos per person, while hotel guests must pay 400 pesos per person. The ticket price includes a guided tour as well as snacks. Children under the age of six are admitted for free, but no snacks are provided.

5. Carabao Island


Carabao Island lies around 8 km north of Boracay, offering a pleasant getaway for those looking to escape the packed beaches of Boracay during the high season. Lanas to the west and San Jose to the east are its two main beaches. There are numerous diving centers and tour companies on Boracay that organize day trips to Carabao Island by speedboat.

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