Top Attractions & Interesting Things to Do in Melaka

If you haven’t driven all the way there for some decent meal, you aren’t a genuine Malaysian. This charming UNESCO World Heritage city is a short drive from Kuala Lumpur and is rich in history, culture, colonial structures, historical landmarks, family-friendly attractions, and delectable local food. Believe again if you think Melaka has only chicken rice balls and satay celup to offer. Start planning your road trip after being inspired by our list of the greatest things to eat, see, and do in Melaka.

  1. Dutch Square

Melaka Dutch Square is undoubtedly one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks. The area is distinguished by a collection of picturesque, red colonial Dutch buildings constructed between 1660 and 1700 – you’ll find the Stadthuys (the oldest-existing Dutch building in the East), Christ Church, and the iconic Melaka clock tower here, often surrounded by colourful trishaws that you can hop on for a tour of the city. Take some touristic photos with the architecture as a beautiful backdrop!

  1. Melaka River

Next, make your way to the Melaka River, which winds through the city and is the reason Melaka was formerly known as “Venice of the East.” Back in the 1500s, the river played an essential part in Melaka’s historic history, inviting traders from all over the world. It is now bordered with several small stores, residences, cafés, restaurants, and buildings adorned with eye-catching graffiti and street art. Take a River Cruise for a fresh viewpoint on the lovely river, or simply wander around the banks.

  1. St. Paul’s Church

The St. Paul’s Church, located amid the remnants of the A’Famosa Fort at the summit of St. Paul’s Hill, is another prominent historical building you won’t want to miss. It is the oldest existing church structure in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and while it is now in ruins (with no roof and brick walls covered with ferns!), it’s a lovely location to see if you’re ready to walk a steep flight of stairs. When you reach the top, you’ll be treated with a stunning perspective of the city!

  1. A’Famosa Water Park



Are you going to Melaka with friends or family? You will not want to miss it! This water playground provides hours of entertainment for both adults and children. Float and swim through 11 fascinating rides and attractions, including game pools, twisting water slides, and water playgrounds for children. Did you know that the has one of Southeast Asia’s highest, longest, and broadest ‘ice cream’ rides?

  1. Menara Taming Sari



Want to get a bird’s-eye perspective of the old city from the top? Ride in a glass cabin to the top of a renowned gyro tower with a spinning observatory 110m above ground. From the summit, take in a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the city and spot prominent sights including Pulau Melaka, the Maritime Museum, the Melaka River, and more. You may also go in the evening or at night to witness the city come to life as the sky dims and the lights turn on.

  1. Jonker Street

Jonker Street, also known as Jonker Walk, is Melaka’s central centre and is home to well-preserved landmarks, beautifully restored residences, museums, religious structures, charming stores (where you can shop for anything from antiques to knick-knacks, souvenirs, snacks, and more! ), comfy cafés, and more. Take out your umbrella and prepare to explore everything the neighbourhood has to offer.

  1. Mamee Jonker House



While strolling down Jonker Street, you’re bound to run upon the eccentric, with its brilliant yellow facade and massive Mamee banner. The Mamee Jonker House is a famous family-friendly destination in the neighbourhood; if you grew up liking the crunchy childhood snack, make sure to pay a visit. The structure is divided into numerous areas, including a café, a mini-museum, a corner where you can buy Mamee souvenirs and items, a kitchen offering, and the option to design your very own Mamee cup noodles!

  1. Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum



The lovely Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum is one of Melaka’s numerous pre-World War II Peranakan mansions. The structure, located near Jonker Street, functioned as a home for four generations of a local family until being renovated into a well-preserved house museum dedicated to the Peranakan spirit and culture. Simply buy an entry ticket or schedule a guided tour to marvel at the stunning hand-painted tiles, vintage furniture, and artefacts that will transport you back in time.

  1. Tan Kim Hock Product Centre


Before you go, stop into the Tan Kim Hock Product Centre to pick up some keepsakes! This beautiful shop has over 100 local culinary products and is a favourite shopping destination for both residents and visitors. Expect rows and rows of items heaped high with durian dodol, coconut candy, gula melaka, cincalok, sambal ikan bilis, and other delicacies. If you like durian, go to the shop’s durian cendol stand, which is located just outside the retail area, for a refreshing bowl of cendol topped with a big lump of red beans and durian paste.

  1. Pantai Klebang

Drive 15 minutes from Melaka to the beautiful and sandy Klebang Beach, where you may relax and enjoy the sea air. Pantai Klebang is frequently bustling in the evenings, as residents and visitors alike go there to fly kites, eat, and enjoy sweets while watching the sunset. The Pantai Klebang Sand Dunes, a unique site that became viral a while back with its hills of sand that make it appear like a desert, are a hidden gem in the area. However, you must walk for roughly 20 minutes before arriving at this location.

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