What is end of lease cleaning and why is it important?

1. Make sure you get the full amount of your deposit back

Landlords will subtract any of your deposit very reasonably if the property is not up to the standard it was left in. By hiring a skilled cleaner you can really guarantee that there is nothing left that could stop you from getting your full deposit back.

2. Verify you have a clear reference for future tenancies

If you are planning to move into other rental properties in the future, having a good reference from former tenants is always helpful. By taking the extra step and hiring a competent cleaner, you can be sure they won’t have any reservations to refer you to other landlords as a tenant.

3. Ensure no place gets missed

If it’s a friend or family member, even the most diligent and well-intentioned helpers can overlook something, whether it’s behind the settee or on top of a cupboard. A skilled cleaner will give you a total deep cleaning of your home and their expertise ensures they know the areas you would fail to clean.

4. Save the time and the trouble

It can take a considerable amount of your time to properly clean an entire home. Through hiring a professional to look after the cleaning you can sit back, relax and use your time instead to concentrate on moving into your new house. Many tenants would think the cost of hiring a specialist is very fair given the amount of time they will have to invest in themselves.

These are only a couple of the advantages of hiring a specialist to take care of your tenancy cleaning finish. If you try to do it yourself, and your landlord thinks that it is not up to their mark, the chances are they’ll just employ a professional themselves and pay it out of your deposit. That means you ‘re out of the pocket and you’re going to have been cleaning the time too!

We will help you arrange for your property a professional end of lease cleaning and leave your landlord feeling happy with your time at their house. All of the cleaners we use at the end of a lease are covered and understand the value of a thorough deep clean.

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