Why Drawings Should Be Considered an Important Part of Project Documentation

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Drawings are an essential component of project documentation, but they don’t always receive the respect they merit. Drawings are crucial since they are used to convey technical information about a project in a standardised way. The drawings serve as a framework for upcoming projects and client cost savings. The staff at IPM Professional Services is committed to offering precise and comprehensive documentation, including pertinent drawing sets. In reality, there are several drawings inside each panel.

The designs must be accurate and comprehensive in order to be useful. They act as a road plan for building the control panel, with a functioning control system as the final destination. Drawings are produced in accordance with the project requirements. The project objectives, functionality, and how the requirements will be accomplished are all described in the specifications. Then, drawings serve as the benchmark for conformance to the specification.

The same set of designs is utilised for on-site installation when the control panel is built. The amount of time spent on-site can be significantly decreased with a complete drawing set. Drawings, for instance, could show the positions of field devices and how equipment is connected to it. Without prior drawings, it would be necessary to locate and then document the locations of devices and other equipment. As a result, this can quickly cause a project to be delayed because time must now be spent finding information that was required in advance. Time is money for some consumers, and IPM Professional Services takes this seriously. The IPM Professional Services Team carefully examines timetables and works to always complete projects on time, if not early.

A crucial step in obtaining an accurate as-built drawing set for the functioning system is keeping note of alterations and/or additions made during installation. For maintenance and troubleshooting, these drawings are an invaluable tool. But for the designs to remain relevant after installation, they must be kept up.

When visiting a project site month, or even years, after it has been finished, it is common to find that the drawings are out of current or missing from the control panels where they should be. Because undocumented modifications must be field verified, this might significantly increase the cost of future projects. Future improvements or modifications to the control system are also unavoidable. Reusing previous designs from project drawings can result in cost savings for the customer when it comes time for upgrades or necessary revisions. The customer avoids the expense of field verifications and redrawing time by not having to create new drawings.

However, using drawings can also assist a facility maintain consistency. Use of the same manufacturer’s parts across projects, along with identical panel layouts and device numbering, establishes consistency. Over time, because to the regularity, this makes the drawings from project to project easier to understand and read. In the long run, this can save time by lowering error and misunderstanding. No matter what business, any customer that uses IPM Professional Services will have a set of precise and thorough drawings. IPM Professional Services consistently produces high-quality services regardless of the industry. Regardless of the client or industry, IPM Professional Services takes pride in producing high-quality drawings and documentation.

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